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No Siri on iPhone 4 after all

by on17 October 2011

High maintenance girl

It appears Apple won’t allow its new digital assistant service Siri to run old on the old iPhone 4 after all.

Although enthusiasts were confident they could eventually port Siri to iPhone 4 devices, iOS enthusiast Steven Troughton Smith doesn’t seem too confident. He managed to port Siri, but it relies on server-side software to work properly. Apple servers simply won’t authenticate Siri commands issued form an iPhone 4, which means it will run as if it were offline. Basically, it won’t be able to do much.

So, fanboys who were hoping to catch a glimpse of their new girlfriend on old phones are in for a nasty surprise. Come to think of it, people who talk to computers are probably used to rejection anyway, so they will get over it quickly.

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