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Apple releases iPhone/iPod Touch SDK

by on07 March 2008

Independent developers to build applications

Apple launched its new Software Development Kit for the iPhone and iPod Touch today in an event held at the company’s headquarters. With the success of the iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple has been somewhat forced to open the platform up for software development beyond what was initially announced.

Developers will be developing applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch using a new version of Xcode, which will drop today in Beta form as part of what Apple is calling the “iPhone Developer Program”. In addition, a new version of Interface Builder will be launched, as well.

Apple will allow developers to compile and test their applications right away on the iPhone, but they are also providing an iPhone simulator which should help developers speed development times because they can test code on the iPhone simulator prior to trying it on an actual iPhone. The iPhone simulator will only run on a Mac, but it is able to emulate the entire API stack of the iPhone OS.

Apple will be making the Beta version of the iPhone SDK available for download from its Web site today for free. Apple also announced a $99 iPhone Developer Program that will first be rolling out in the U.S., with other countries being added over time.

Apple also announced a private iPhone Enterprise Beta Program that Apple will start accepting applications from qualified Enterprise customers that would like to participate in the program. Apple was not exactly clear what all will be taking place in the Enterprise Beta Program, but it is a safe bet that with the excellent response that the iPhone has received, it is only logical that Enterprise customers have more than a passing interest in the iPhone’s possible applications and uses in an Enterprise environment.

Apple has said that they will be offering special corporate security tools to help enterprise IT organizations manage their iPhones; and, in addition, Apple will be offering Microsoft Exchange Server support with Active Sync support which is almost necessary in order to make in- roads in most large corporate IT environments. The move into courting Enterprise customers could be an excellent move for Apple to be able to grow more market share in the corporate enterprise.

Download the iPhone SDK Beta by clicking here.

Register for the Apple iPhone Enterprise Beta Program by clicking here.

Last modified on 07 March 2008
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