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Intel's Sandy Bridge-E will have liquid cooling

by on14 October 2011


The new Sandy Bridge-E processors will be Chipzilla's  first to ship with a liquid cooling system. The coolers, manufactured by Asetek under Intel's brand will ship with the Core i7 3000-series processors.

The cooler consists of an external 120mm fan as well as a pump and a heatsink to help the chip keep its cool. It is the first time chipzilla has moved away from traditional air cooling, and since it is all-in-one it is easy to set up. It will also enable users to overclock its forthcoming super-chip to higher temperatures and frequencies.

The standalone version of the cooler will be compatible with the Sandy Bridge-E's LGA2011 platform, as well as LGA1155, LGA1156 and LGA1366 platforms. Liquid cooling is starting to become more common. Prices of all-in-one systems are dropping.

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