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More ?Bee? confusion on HD DVD release

by on07 March 2008


No one seems to know what will ‘Bee’

The confusion surrounding the HD DVD release of the Bee Movie from DreamWorks seems to continue with no official word as to the status of this release.

We have asked a variety of people in the industry who are supposed to be “in the know,” and the answers that we have received seem to vary quite widely. As we reported yesterday, Amazon was still taking pre-orders for the release of the Bee Movie on HD DVD, but today the page has disappeared, yet our order has yet to be canceled. Other on-line retailers still seem to be accepting orders for the HD DVD release of the Bee Movie.

In an attempt to find out what was going on, we placed a call to Amazon regarding our order for the Bee Movie and we were told that our order was still good and they expected it to be filled on time. Could it ‘Bee’ that Amazon has sold out of its allotment of the Bee Movie on HD DVD and has been told not to expect any additional copies, hence the reason that Amazon has stopped taking pre-orders for the title on HD DVD?

Some of our sources claim that they continue to be told by DreamWorks to expect the title on time for sale, while others are telling us that they have been told that the title will only ship on regular DVD formats and the HD DVD version has been canceled. According to the official Bee Movie Web site, you will be able to catch the buzz on both regular DVD and HD DVD on March 11th.

As we said yesterday, we would find it hard to believe that DreamWorks would cancel the HD DVD release of the Bee Movie this late in the game, as we suspect that the HD DVDs had already been in production to meet the studio’s announced ship date. With no official word from the studio, we will just have to wait and see what happens, unless DreamWorks makes some sort of an official announcement. Emails to DreamWorks asking for clarification were not returned.

Visit the official Bee Movie site by clicking here.

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