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Virgo Fusion APU platform gets further codenames

by on11 October 2011


Annapurna among them

Microsoft and Apple are not that creative when it comes to codenames. You have iPhone (insert number and possible letter please) and Windows X>7 kind of codenames, possibly with some sort of tropical fruit to spice things up.

That is why we have AMD. The second generation Fusion APU codenamed Trinity is not the only codename that AMD has on its table. This is the codename for the processor. The cores are codenamed Piledriver, something that most of you know by now and they should be at least 10 percent faster than current Llano Husky cores.

Graphics to support Virgo platform, the successor of Lynx platform are Northern Islands based while the reference design is codenamed Annapurna. These are all desktop codenames and remember AMD has the same set of codenames for mobile roadmap as well.

Trinity as well as rest of Virgo should be out in Q2 2012, so if they don’t delay anything latest by late June 2012. AMD has high hopes about Trinity and last time we spoke with AMD’s product managers about the future APU, they said that it should get them even more attention than AMD A series, based on the original Llano design.

It should simply be better and of course, yields of this 32nm part with 28nm graphics transistors fitted to 32nm design are going to be much better. At this is what our sources are telling us.

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