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New 17W TDP Celeron in Q1 12

by on11 October 2011


Celeron 867 is the name

It's dual-core, it has two threads and no turbo capability, but this new 1.3GHz clocked Celeron 867 can work with a 17W TDP.

This new CPU is scheduled to replaced 1.2GHz clocked Cleron 857 in Q1 2012. Celeron 867 has Intel HD graphics, 350MHz graphics clock and 1GHz clock with graphics overclocking. It features support for 1333MHz DDR3 memory and has 2MB cache. This is Celeron is based on 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture.

Once it launches it will sell for $134, the current price of Intel Celeron Mobile ULV 857. In addition, the single core Celeron 787 clocked at 1.3GHz featuring 1.5MB of cache will get a successor in Q1 2012. The new CPU is Celeron 797 and has the same 1.5MB cache but runs 100MHz faster. They are both priced at 107 USD and Celeron Mobile ULV 787 is available today while Celeron Mobile ULV 797 is coming out in Q1 2012.

These single cores are also Sandy  Bridge based 32nm processors and 17W is definitely a nice TDP for mobile processor. Around Q3 2012, these processor can eight get replaced by faster models, or Intel will replace them with Ivy Bridge parts, but we expect Ivy Bridge Celerons a bit later than Q3 2012.

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