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Players receptive to Mirror’s Edge sequel

by on10 October 2011

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Would reach a broader audience this time

DICE apparently still believes that there is life for Mirror’s Edge and the possibility for a sequel is still very much alive. DICE admits that Mirror’s Edge does have a significant fan following that want a sequel.

The developer claims that if a sequel was done it would have to reach a much broader audience this time around, and they claim that they know what changes they need to make this time around. The sequel was apparently in development at DICE; but work was halted in February that placed the entire project on hold for the time being. Now, however, it seems that the project has moved from hold to a kind of limbo that could make it so the sequel never sees release.

The good news is that because of the success of Battlefield, it is possible that DICE could talk EA into taking a chance on a Mirror’s Edge sequel, but only time will tell how this will pan out.

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