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No Red Dead Redemption for PC

by on07 October 2011

Not going to happen
Despite many PC owners asking Rockstar to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC platform, the company confirms that it will not be happening. The company has received requests for a PC version since the console versions were released; and at one point it did seem like a possibility that it could happen, but in a recent Q&A session on the Rockstar blog the company claims that releasing the game for the PC isn’t viable.

Rockstar goes on to say that they consider multiple factors when choosing whether a game will be released for the PC platform; and these factors include if it is technically viable, developmentally viable, and if it makes sense business-wise for the company to do it. The company explained that sometimes it just does not work out for all platforms all of the time.

Sill, Rockstar is releasing a number of titles for the PC, including the Grand Theft Auto titles and LA Noire and Max Payne 3. The company is still committed to releasing titles for the PC platform in the future, but Red Dead Redemption will not be one of them.
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