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New 32nm Sandy Bridge Celerons in Q4 2011

by on04 October 2011

Intel mobile Celeron roadmap revealed
Intel’s mobile Celeron Bx00 series launched in Q2 and Q3 2011 depending on the SKU and Intel is getting ready to release new 32nm Sandy Bridge based Celeron processors.

The top of the platform dual-core V2 market segment remains the B840 dual-core with two treads and 1.9GHz core clock. This CPU has 35W TDP, 2MB cache, DDR3 1333MHz and graphics that run at 650/1000MHz. Top of the V1 dual-core market segment the one that comes to replace Celeron T3500 in Q4 2011 is called B800 and is clocked to 1.5 GHz.  The rest of the specs are the same, it is a 35W TDP processor, two cores and two threads, 2MB cache, DDR3 1333MHz and graphics that works at 650MHz with a max frequency set to 1000MHz.

There will be a new Sandy Bridge 32nm dual-core Celeron, the one that fits in Huron River platform called B815. It is expected as a head of dual core V1 market in Q1 2012 and it is a 1.6GHz 35W TDP CPU, has two cores and two threads, 2MB cache, DDR3 1333MHz and graphics 650/1050MHz. A faster successor could come in Q3 2012 at the earliest.

The kind of the single-core V1 Celeron market the one that replaces Celeron 925 is called Celeron B710 and is a single core 1.6GHz processor, has a single tread support, 35W TDP, 1MB of cache DDR3 1333 support as well as graphics set to 650/1000MHz. This is still a 35W part.

The successor to come in Q1 2012 is called B720 and this one works at 100MHz more, 1.7GHz to be precise, while the rest of the spec remains the same. These processors will maintain the Celeron market at least until Q3 2012.
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