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Blackberry passwords can be hacked

by on03 October 2011

Security outfit releases cracking software
Russian software vendor Elcomsoft has released a product that it says can crack BlackBerry smartphone passwords, if the BlackBerry owner has enabled a media-card encryption security setting.

The software can indeed recover BlackBerry device passwords and not just passwords to RIM's BlackBerry Wallet and Password Keeper apps, via BlackBerry backups and assuming the necessary BlackBerry media card encryption setting is enabled. Elcomsoft's Chief Security Researcher, Andrey Belenko, has detailed the associated process on the company's website.

RIM is not saying much about it other than it does not think it is possible. The BlackBerry OS is much loved by businesses because of the  security safeguards it gives users and organisations. This made it the communication tool of choice during the London Riots and has got RIM into hot water in countries who believe they should have absolute control over their citizens.
Last modified on 03 October 2011
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