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TI chip inside Kindle Fire

by on30 September 2011

OMAP 4 grade
We are trying to get some better info about the chip inside Kindle Fire, but so far we can only confirm something that many have already posted.

The chip inside the Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet is Texas Instruments’ OMAP and of course it’s a dual core OMAP 4 generation chip. There are two possibilities one more likely than the other. The one that we believe its inside is OMAP 4 4430 which is a 1GHz dual core 45nm chip that is also a part of RIM Playbook. The chip is capable of 1080p HD playback and even 720p 3D playback but since Kindle Fire doesn’t come with HDMI out, you won’t have to use such high resolutions. Maybe some dongle comes in the future, you never know.

The second possibility is a 500MHz faster OMAP 4460 clocked at 1.5GHz with two cores and 1080p 2D and 3D 1080p stereoscopic support. We very much doubt that the 4460 is inside as we see no need for it. We believe that a 4430 clocked at more than 1GHz is also possible, but we will try to find out exact numbers and model.

One of the key points in securing this deal was the M-Shield security technology that has convinced Netflix and apparently Amazon to choose TI OMAP as the first platform for its HD streaming content. OMAP 4 includes dual core chips and they will be fast enough to protect the premium content from attacking the HD stream on Amazon Kindle Fire.

It’s definitely certain that Kindle Fire doesn’t have Tegra 2 and since Kindle Fire doesn’t have an Android 3.x and it comes with special version of Android 2.3. Even Samsung, a company that has chip faster than Tegra 2 is using Nvidia’s for its tablets due to an easier compatibility and certification for Android 3.x. For Android and its overhauled Android 2.3 OS, this is less of a problem.
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