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FFOW Vista Hot Fix Released

by on03 March 2008

Addresses SecuROM protection

Kaos Studios has released a Hot Fix to address issues that Windows Vista owners of Frontlines Fuel of War have been getting the game to run. Windows Vista owners have been having problems that seem to center around the SecuROM copy protection employed by FFOW. In addition, Windows Vista users have also been experiencing crashes of FFOW, as well.

The Hot Fix has been released to address these issues and resolve the problems that Windows Vista users are having with FFOW. The Hot Fix is only compatible with the recently released 1.01 Patch that was previously released. Vista users will need to install the game, then use the correct version of the 1.01 Patch, and then apply the FFOW Windows Vista Hot Fix.

According to a variety of posts in FFOW forums, the effectiveness of the Windows Vista Hot Fix has met with only some success, as many Vista users are still complaining that they are still having issues even after applying the Hot Fix.

While Kaos Studios has been very good at communicating with users through the forums in an attempt to address the issues that users are having with the software, some players continue to be less than happy with the released version of FFOW. Unlike some other developers who seem to trickle the patches out, Kaos has been up front and has done a good job in keep players up to speed on their plans for fixing the game.

Still, FFOW has a variety of issues beyond just the Windows Vista issues such as the problems with ATI video cards. We experienced some strange artifacting with our 3870 X2 and the shadows would also blink rapidly, which got pretty annoying rather quickly. We found that by disabling the “shadows” option, it seems to have resolved the rapid blinking of the shadows, but even though we know that the temps are within acceptable ranges and we have the latest version of the Catalyst drivers, something isn’t right. We have a request in with ATI folks for additional information on the issues surrounding this problem. It would appear, however, that these are not the only glitches that players are seeing in FFOW.

We hope that Kaos Studios will continue to work to resolve these issues, as the game does appear to have quite a bit of potential and could be a very good title if they can work out all of the issues and problems.

You can download the Windows Vista Hot Fix for FFOW by clicking here.

Last modified on 03 March 2008
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