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Seagate to have 4TB internal drive by November

by on23 September 2011

5-platter, sub €200 price
We got confirmation from industry sources that Seagate plans to reveal an internal 4TB hard drive. It should launch it by November and it will have 5 plates rotating at 7200 RPM.

They might be the first to market to have it, and since Seagate has acquired Samsung hard disk division, they have a good fighting position in internal hard drive market. It turns out that 7200 RPM drives are easier to make than 5400 eco ones, and this looks to be the path for the future. It looks like that most of the future internal 3.5 drives from Seagate might actually be the 7200 RPM ones.

Seagate 4TB Go flex already has the same drive that has 64MB of cache, 800GB per platter and rotation of 7200 RPM. So if you need more storage, and if you need more internal storage for many HD movies, this might be the thing for you.

Currently Samsung and Seagate sell their 2TB drives as low as €60 so two of them are only setting you back some €120. Storage these days is definitely cheap as chips, as long as you don’t talk about SSDs.
Last modified on 23 September 2011
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