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Intel's Core i7-2700K to cost more than 2600K

by on22 September 2011

$331 is the number
Usually Intel's new and fastest CPUs usually have the same price as the previous fastest model they are replacing, but according to post over at VR-Zone, this tradition might change with the introduction of the Core i7-2700K. The Core i7-2700K is scheduled to launch sometimes next month and will be pricier than the 2600K.

As you already know, Core i7-2700K is a quad-core that ticks at 3.5GHz with 3.9GHz Turbo Boost, has 2MB of L2 and 8MB of L3 cache and a 95W TDP. When compared to the Core i7-2600K you only get a 100MHz bump. According to the same post at VR-Zone, the Core i7-2700K will be a better overclocker than the 2600K as Intel is cherry picking its best Sandy Bridge cores for this one.

Unfortunately, the Core i7-2700K will not launch at the same price as the 2600K, which was US $317. We have contacted our sources and got a number for you. The Core i7 2700K should be selling for $331 when it goes for sale in Q4 2011, probably next month.

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