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Cedar Trail loses DirectX 10 support

by on22 September 2011

Ahead of launch
We have heard that the chipset is to blame for the delay of Cedar trail D and M, desktop and mobile platforms, but the surprising part now is that DirectX 10 is gone from the specification.

The new Atom continues to have full HD decode engine that can take care of MPEG2, VC1, AVC, H.264 codec as well as Blu-ray 2.0 but graphics support slipped back to DirectX 9. We don’t know the reason but we can only suspect that this can have something to do with the recent delay of new Atom 32nm introduction.

The latest information indicates that Cedar Trail could show its face in Intel’s price list as soon as September 25, upcoming Sunday, but we are not sure if this will be the official launch date.  To refresh your memory, Atom D 525 gets replaced by Atom D2700 clocked at 2.13GHz, priced at $52 while Atom D425 gets replaced by Atom D2500 clocked at 1.86GHz and priced at $42.

Atom D2700 has two cores and four thread support while atom D2500 has two cores and two thread support, both fitting in well known BGA 437 socket. Mobile Cedar Trail M platform has Atom N2800 clocked at 1.86GHZ with two cores and four treads and $47 launch price and currently top of the netbook Atom N570 sells for $86. This is a significant price drop.

The runner up is Atom N2600 with two cores and two threads, clocked at 1.6GHz with full 1MB cache and priced when launched at $42.
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