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AMD Trinity comes in Q2 2012

by on22 September 2011
Replaces all Llano and Lynx parts
AMD’s A series of processors are based on first APU, Accelerated powering unit codenamed Llano, and the Llano dominance will only last until Q2 2012.

At this time, the plan is to replace Lynx platform powered with Llano APUs with Trinity. Llano is a mix of dual, three and quad cores, but in reality that is one and the same core just crippled to three and two cores when needed.

Trinity core replaces E2 3200 core in essential market, replaces A4 3400, A6 3600, as well as A8 3800 series of CPUs.  From this stand point Trinity should last at least until the end of 2012 and possible even a few quarters longer, until it gets replaced with new APU technology in 2013.

Trinity is a part of Virgo platform and the chipset of choice will be AMD A75 FCH with 6 SATA  6Gb/s port, Raid 0/1/10, as well as 10 USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.0. The southbridge has six SATA 3.0 Gb/s, Raid 0/1/10, as well as 14 USB 2.0 and is naturally cheaper option.

It looks like chipset wise Lynx and Virgo platforms are compatible and there is some indication that future A series CPUs based on Trinity might even work in existing A75 and A55 boards.
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