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TI to get Ice Cream Sandwich first

by on19 September 2011

Reference platform, October
We have reported this a while ago, but it looks like Rohan Shravan, Founder and CEO at Notion Ink knows that TI is a reference platform for Ice Cream sandwich, and he claims that they will be the first one to have it in October.

Texas Instruments gets it before Tegra, he implied. It is also good to know that new ARM kernels like .38 support ARM hibernation. This is something that many people would like to see on future tablets, ARM notebooks or desktops – nettops.

You can save your existing memory footprint and save it at zero energy level. With an SSD-like drive technology, you get your machine up and running in matter or seconds.

Notion ink CEO also talks about graphics, TV and motion blur, something that took years to see on modern graphics cards, but something that is reality with the good use of Android and open GL.

You can read the whole part here or here.

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