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AMD's new CEO to announce new strategy

by on15 September 2011

More focus on mobile
We got an insider hint that AMD's new CEO is working hard on a twist in AMD's long-term strategy.

We heard that Rory Read was famous for turning things around and that he helped Lenovo with some key transitions.  Since AMD believes that smartphones and tablets are getting more important, and that they need even better mobile chips, its logical to assume that this new strategy can get AMD closer to these categories.

AMD under Hector was all about servers due to inherent high margins. Dirk Meyer was aware of the importance of notebooks but also paid a lot of attention of desktop and server, while Rory might go more after sleek tablets and ultrathin computers in the future. They might even start working on a phone chip, or acquire someone that already has one.

Trinity and Krishna are a good way towards slimmer notebooks and even tablets in the long run, but AMD can probably do even more to get itself closer to mobile computing revolution. We will keep our eyes open to see if Rory Read can turn things around.

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