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AMD has high hopes for Trinity, 2012

by on15 September 2011

New cores, Radeon HD 7000 graphics at 32nm
AMD has high hopes for Fusion 2.0, the successor to Llano, a chip that goes by the Trinity codename.

Just two weeks ago we managed to take a snap of a part of the specification that includes new Bulldozer based cores, but also a new graphics core. The CPU cores will get slightly redesigned and they are called Pilediver. This was confirmed by John Taylor a Director of Product marketing APU. He also confirmed that Trinity CPU gets into ultrathins (this is how AMD calls ultrabooks).

It's a 32nm processor with new graphics, improved cores and generally improved just about anything. The graphics part from the slide we captured here is branded as Radeon HD 7000 but this is 28nm graphics core enlarged to fit the 32nm SOI manufacturing process. It should still be significantly better than Llano or Ivy Bridge graphics for that matter.

Trinity is also a part of Comal and Virgo mobile platforms and AMD expects Trinity to be up to 50 percent faster than Llano. AMD is showing the live demo to the press just outside IDF and it works just fine.

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