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Intel Haswell 22nm to enable 10 days standby

by on14 September 2011

Connected standby, that is
Imagine a world in 2013. Apple will probably continue to dominate in lot of market segments, but Intel also hopes that PCs will continue to live and Intel will also be in good shape on Android, Apple hardware and Windows 8. Of course, AMD and Nvidia don’t have much of a presence in the Apple universe, hence you can expect them to spread the Windows 8 and Android gospel a bit more aggressively.

After Ivy Bridge, a 22nm CPU that comes in March / April 2012, and the one that comes after that, it gets more exciting. Haswell was demonstrated yesterday at IDF 2011 and this new 22nm architecture can reduce idle power by as much as 20 times. The plan is that it comes in 2013, roughly a year after Ivy Bridge.

On our recent meeting with Intel, we got an explanation that connected standby by is a state where your computer is asleep but it can still get your emails and other updates. Of course we believe that by 2013 Intel sees SSD drives a driving force of most notebooks as the price should go considerably down.

With tablets having 10 hrs plus battery life and some notebooks already exceeding that battery life, we can definitely expect that notebooks of the future will be able to get us more than 10 hours of battery life and 10 days standby, receiving your mail even when the machine is a sleep sounds quite good.
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