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Eee PC still out of stock in Europe

by on28 February 2008


An Eee-less month


Last month we wrote about Asus's troubles with Eee PC availability in Europe, here. Apparently, the company managed to ship just around 20,000 units in late January. The marked swallowed them up in a matter of days and asked for more. Unfortunately, Asus wasn't up to the task, as it seems to have done too well promoting the Eee and selling it in other parts of the world, leaving very few units for the Europeans.

A month after originally reporting the shortage, we went back to check out if things were any better and we were not surprised to find out that there are still no Eee PCs in Europe. Most retailers/e-tailers expect to have the Eee back in stock in mid-March, but there are still no exact dates; and we're not holding our breath.

Very few Eee PCs were sampled in Europe, and we saw just a few reviews done by European hacks. This comes as no surprise, as they're already selling more than they can ship, and it makes no sense to waste time and resources on publicity when you can't cope with demand as it is.

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