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Nvidia sees lots of Tegras in notebooks

by on09 September 2011

In the next two years
We had a question for the guy who runs Nvidia's mobile division, Rene Haas, as we wanted to hear his vision of a notebook in two years from now.

He obviously thinks that Windows 8 will bring more performance and better battery life, but more importantly, Nvidia hopes to see a lot of Tegra chips in notebooks. This means that with introduction of Windows 8 we might see some new form factors and devices such as Asus Transformer, a tablet with a laptop-esque attachable keyboard might become a new big thing.

If Nvidia hits off with future Tegra chips and gets a lot of design wins in the near future, it might mean that Intel and AMD will end up selling fewer mobile x86, while Tegra and similar ARM based chips powered with a good new OS might be taking over some niche notebook markets.

This is an interesting strategy especially considering the fact that less x86 also leads to less mobile Geforce chip sales, but it seems almost like Nvidia is aware that some of this market will get satisfied with Tegra graphics. Besides, we are talking about ultraportable devices, hardly a market for discrete graphics.

Don’t panic just yet, serious games will still need a lot of shader power and a decent discrete core to run some resolution such as full HD 1080p especially with 3D on. Even when we get a lot of performance for this, we still have 2560x1600 to evolve too, so there is still a lot of room for both discrete and mobile graphics hand in hand with tablet /smartphone graphics.
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