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Windows 8 to ship in fall 2012

by on08 September 2011

High ranking industry sources
Spending a few days in Silicon Valley has its own benefits and after a few meetings, we are pleased to report that multiple sources from different companies, involved with Windows 8 are saying that we will see Windows 8 shipping in late 2012.

From today’s point of view, it looks like we will have Windows 8 shipping in fall 2012, roughly a year from today. Windows 7 Release to manufacture version was ready on July 22 2009 while the actual retail version shipped on October 22 2009. We may even see a Beta coming by January 2012.

You can expect similar RTM and launch timeframe for Windows 8. Microsoft has an interesting keynote coming up at its development build conference, where it plans to show new info on both x86 and ARM version of its new OS. This is scheduled to happen next week, September 13th, right the same time when Intel has IDF 2011 keynote and the same day when Qualcomm has its conference in Istanbul.

A lot of ARM developers are placing high hopes on Windows 8, as they believe that Microsoft can get a lot of traction with its new OS. The main question is where is Apple going to be at that time with its operating systems especially iOS for iPad and what can Ice Cream Sandwich, and J version of Google Android OS change until Windows 8 comes.
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