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FFOW 1.0.1 Patch Released

by on29 February 2008


Does not fix Vista crash/SecuROM problems

Kaos Studios have released the first patch for the just-released Frontlines Fuel of War, which will patch PC owners of the game to version 1.0.1. While this patch does not address the reported issues with the game crashing on Windows Vista or the SecuROM errors that Vista users are suffering from, the patch does address a number of other issues listed below:

* Holding the TAB key will display the scoreboard

* Server browser will not show servers that are no longer running

* "ResolveScenePosition" crash fixed

* Motion blur overload when redeploying fixed

* Autobalance - first person on a server can now switch teams

* Player model is no longer visible when ascending steep inclines

* Parental controls now work. (Windows Vista Only)

* Using ALT+TAB to minimize game will now function correctly

Before installing the patch, it is important to make sure that you get the right version of the patch for the region where you purchased the game. Those that purchased the game via direct digital download through Steam, Direct2Drive, or the Bundled OEM version of the title are encouraged to return to their digital download provider to download the proper patch. According to Kaos/THQ, failure to patch the game with the proper version of the 1.0.1 patch may cause you to have to reinstall the entire game.

Kaos says that they will be leaving some version 1.0 servers up for a short time to allow users time to get the patch downloaded and installed. In addition, this will give Kaos time to evaluate the patch and make sure that the update is working well on servers that are patched to 1.0.1.

Kaos has said that they are working quickly to provide a dedicated server tool, as well as a greatly minimized version of the server-only build of the game. They have also stated that they are hard at work on another patch that we can expect shortly that will address the issue users running FFOW on Vista are having, although no timeline was given on when that patch can be expected.

Last modified on 29 February 2008
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