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New 5 title 360 bundle coming?

by on25 August 2011

Said to start to arrive later today
Rumors are buzzing that Microsoft is releasing a new bundle deal for the 250GB Xbox 360. While all of the details are yet to be confirmed, what is perhaps most interesting is that the bundle will include five games, rather than the normal two titles. Some are already speculating that this might be the Microsoft holiday bundle for this holiday season, but we don’t think so.

The bundle is said to include Alan Wake, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Fable 3, and Gears of War 2 that are included as download tokens. Not a bad deal at all; but be warned as it does apparently take up 29.51GB of space on the included 250GB hard drive once you get it all downloaded. The bundle is also said to include a single wireless controller and a wired headset.

The bundle will apparently be sold for $299, and with the bundled games it is actually quite a value. If you are just starting to build your Xbox 360 library, this is for sure a great deal even though some of the games are older.
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