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Tablets become popular bathroom material

by on24 August 2011
y_tablet_logovs. y_newspaper

Battle of the john
Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the humble newspaper, tablets have become quite popular with users who like to read up on stuff while in the bathroom.

Staples Advantage’s latest survey claims that 35 percent tablet owners use them in the bathroom, whereas 78 percent tend to use them while lying in bed. Some 30 percent apparently use them at restaurants.

The survey says that 60 percent users claim that tablets boost their productivity, whereas 33 percent review and edit documents with their tablets. As much as 75 percent of tablet owners check corporate mails on their pets.

Well, it was only a matter of time before tablets saw the lousy side of portability. Unfortunately for them, the good old newspaper is still the king of the john, because tablets really can’t help when you’re out of toilet paper. (There isn't an app for that...Yet. sub.ed.)

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Last modified on 24 August 2011
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