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Smartphone users are not that clever

by on23 August 2011

Don't use the free functions
Half of smartphone users don’t take full advantage of the free functions available on their handsets, with 39 per cent admitting that they don’t use BlackBerry Messenger or similar services like WhatsApp messenger.

According to the research carried out by more than 1,884 smartphone owners, aged 18 over, and initially asked them “Do you have free services available to you through your phone?” to which 83 per cent answered ‘yes’. The respondents were then asked to specify how often they used their free services on their mobile. More than a quarter, 28 per cent admitted using their free functions on a daily basis whilst 26 per cent said that they used the services occasionally. Under a half, 46 per cent, admitted to not taking full advantage and ‘hardly ever’ or ‘never’ using them.

People who admitted not using the free services on their phone very often were then asked to choose from a list of answers, all services that applied. The top five free services that the Smartphone users admitted to hardly ever using, according to the poll from, were Messenger services 39 per cent, Bluetooth 24 per cent, MP3 function, 22 per cent, apps Apps 14 per cent and camera six per cent.

The respondents were then asked to specify the reasons why they didn’t make the most of the free services available through their phone. Just over quarter, 27 per cent, said that they had ‘no use’ for them, whilst 24% admitted not knowing how. Of the respondents who admitted not using their free messenger service like BlackBerry Messenger or WhatsApp, just over a quarter, said they didn’t do so because they didn’t know anyone that owns a Smartphone that they could message, whilst 21 per cent said they used text instead.

Mark Owen, Managing Director of said that the newest phones launched in the last few years have all been set up with free services. Apps and BBM are surely the most common and well-know free functions you can get at the moment and you want to make sure that you use them to their full advantage.”
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