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China overtakes US as largest PC market

by on23 August 2011

Among other things
According to fresh sales figures, China managed to overtake the US as the largest personal computer market in Q2.

After thirty years in the lead, the US market contracted 4.8 percent to 17.7 million units, while Chinese consumers went on a shopping frenzy and bought 18.5 million PCs, a massive 14 percent increase in a single quarter. At such a rate, China’s PC market could practically double by 2013.

In terms of yearly sales, the US will probably remain on top in 2011, but China will probably lead the way in 2012.

Of course, there are significant differences that might not be obvious at first glance. Americans prefer somewhat pricier gear and they buy more Apple products, including tablets. Still, Chinese consumers seem keen to embrace new market trends and they are increasingly turning to tablets and smartphones like their western counterparts.

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