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Ice cream sandwich will get developers love

by on19 August 2011

The biggest problem of tablets based on ARM CPUs is that Android lacks developers' attention. Most developers want to focus on it more, but only after it reaches its next level, better known as Ice cream sandwich.

Ice cream sandwich will unify the phone-only Gingerbread Android 2.3.x and Honeycomb Android 3.x into something that we will possibly call Android 4.0 and beyond. This will unite phone and tablet versions into a single system.

Apple is probably planning to do the same at one point, as tablet and phone versions are not so different. We talked to a few developers and in Apple's world, you program your applications for two resolutions. Namely, older iPhone resolution of 320x480 and 640x960 for iPhone 4.

Once you want to optimize applications for iPad, all you need to do is to take the 640x960 resolution from iPhone 4 and push it a little to meet the 1024x768 that you find on iPads.

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