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Firefox 7 and 8 this year

by on18 August 2011

Even 9 has a chance for 2011

Firefox 6 just officially got out and among improvements you can find a new tab scrolling features, domain highlighting in address bar, enhanced developer tolls and a permissions manager where user can chose what information can be shared with other sites.

Official release day was August 16th and the way things are going the successor simply called Firefox 7 might launch as soon as September 27 2011. This is just some six weeks away and Mozilla blog has revealed that Firefox 7 uses less memory compared to Firefox 4, 5 or 6 and that on average it needs 20 to 30 percent less, and sometimes even 50 percent less.

Naturally this means that Firefox 7 is faster and it should also be more stable. Firefox 8 also needs even less memory than Firefox 7, but the difference is not so dramatic. Firefox 8 should enter Beta status on September 27 and it is currently scheduled for November 8th 2011 release date.

This is not all, in case that all goes smooth, even Firefox 9 might show up this year, but this is still not carved in stone. It is currently scheduled to go to Beta 1 on November 8th and to launch on December 20th 2011. Firefox 9 is available as Firefox 9.0a1 version and we will serve you a link below where you can download all the recent betas, alphas and nightly build from version 7 all the way to 9.

You can play with these releases here.

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