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Stripped down Wii not destined for America?

by on18 August 2011

No plans right now to offer it outside of Europe
Nintendo announced a new “stripped down and re-packaged” Wii offering for the European market. The new Wii or Wii Minus, as many are calling it, does not have the ability to play GameCube titles. (Hence, the name Wii Minus!)

Apparently, we are now learning that at least for the time being Nintendo currently has no plans to offer the Wii Minus in North America. Right now as things stand, it will be a European exclusive, which is downright puzzling. Nintendo might try to work the Wii Minus at a lower price into some areas in Europe that are more price sensitive and that have not been big buyers of the Wii so far.

We will have to see how this pans out; but it is hard to believe that Nintendo would want to be building two different versions of the Wii hardware.  However, stranger things have happened.

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