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Apple improves perfection

by on17 August 2011

Or patches crap operating system, you decide
Jobs' Mob has released a patch for some of the problems that it denies that its new Lion operating system is suffering from.

Apple has a history of denying that its software has problems so its updates are an indication of what really went on when it released Lion. The main update fixes a problem that caused the system to hang when watching a video in Safari and audio to stop working when using HDMI or optical audio out.

Lion users moaned about flaky WiFi, and some had problems migrating their data to a new Mac running Lion. Apple claims both of these problems were fixed. Lion users complained that their main admin accounts were missing after upgrading to Lion, which has apparently been fixed.

For the 2011 MacBook Air, Apple has applied all the same updates, plus a fix for a problem that caused the Air to boot up when the MagSafe connector was attached and another related to flickering displays. The Mac mini also got a fix for a problem that caused the SD card slot to operate at reduced speeds.

The speed problems that users have been complaining about has not been specifically mentioned in the updates and so far there have been no reports that Apple machines are going faster.
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