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Galaxy Tab sales ban temporarily lifted

by on17 August 2011

Apple lawyers not so good after all
Apple’s efforts to have Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch banned from European markets appear to have hit a snag.

The Dusseldorf court behind the injunction apparently chose to lift the ban until a court hearing on August 25. The fact that a lone German court could impose an EU-wide ban did not go down well with many punters. The court never had authority over Holland to begin with and the ban is now lifted in all other countries, except Germany.

The fact that Apple submitted cheaply doctored images in its filing is another thing patent law experts frown upon. Apple apparently resized images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to make it look a bit more like an iPad. Since the Galaxy features a 16:10 screen while an iPad features a 4:3 panel, anyone blessed with the gift of sight and a half decent brain could have noticed something was wrong with the photos, which raises some interesting questions about the German judiciary.

Apparently it was not enough to file frivolous suits and seek baseless injunctions on an entire product category which wasn’t even conceived by Apple – no, it was necessary to fabricate evidence that could be debunked with a quick glance at the spec sheet or a Google search.

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