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Warner pleased with Mortal Kombat results

by on15 August 2011

Turns out to be the best single buy from Midway
Out of the ashes of Midway, the purchase of the Mortal Kombat IP by Warner turns out to be perhaps the single best purchase of entire lot; with maybe the most potential for the future. The recent release by Warner Interactive of the latest Mortal Kombat title has sold almost 3 million units, which alone has paid for itself.

The numbers mean that Mortal Kombat bested Super Street Fighter 4 as well as Marvel vs. Capcom; and this is surprising since both of these titles have been on the market longer than Mortal Kombat has been. The release of the latest Mortal Kombat has been very well received and does open up the possibility for additional releases to be just as successful, if not even more successful, than the last release.
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