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Apple continues Android lawsuits in EU

by on11 August 2011

Why compete with good products when you can sue
Jobs' Mob is continuing to use a legal loophole to get rival tablets banned from the EU.

As Samsung found out, Apple has discovered that it can get a rival banned from the entire EU by going to a German court and alleging that they nicked its technology. No evidence needs to be presented to the court and the rival does not even have to be told about it until after the injunction. The injunction covers all European countries, other than Holland, which is too flat for that sort of thing.

The injunction holds until a trial, but that could take weeks or even months, during that time people who what a tablet have to sell their souls to Apple. Yesterday it was Samsung which was hit by this legal trick, and been forced to withdraw the  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was widely seen as a good rival to the iPad.

FOSS Patents has found that within Apple's complaint against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Jobs ' Mob has similar plans for iPad competitors Motorola and Jay-tech. After translating the German filing, FOSS notes that Apple is using the same court to sue Motorola over the design of the Xoom.  So far there is no word on an injunction against Motorola.

However Jay-tech has been served a preliminary injunction for a tablet which has not even been released yet. FOSS said that its unknown which operating system Jay-tech's now banned tablet was going to run.


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