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Toshiba says NAND prices are holding

by on10 August 2011

Even if there is a fall in spot prices
Toshiba claims that it has managed to keep the prices of its NAND flash memory stable even as there has been a sharp fall in spot prices of NAND.

Kiyoshi Kobayashi, head of Toshiba's semiconductor unit, told analysts and reporters that the market itself is rubbish at the moment with things falling faster than a team of parachuting elephants who have forgotten to pack the key ingrediant of its act.

However he said that prices toward Toshiba's main customers were more solid and things were not going that badly for the company. One of the reasons that Toshiba might be doing so well is that it is a supplier to Apple and has benefited from strong sales of tablet PCs and smartphones.  Apple customers will buy anything at any price at anytime, provided it has a Jobs' Mob logo.
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