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Rumors say Sprint is getting iPhone 5

by on10 August 2011

If true it could really help the carrier stop churn
The iPhone 5 rumor mill just doesn’t stop; now that we are speeding closer to the launch, it is rumored by multiple sources that Sprint has come to an agreement with Apple to offer the iPhone 5.

If it ends up being true, the move could really help Sprint stop the numbers of customers that continue to defect to either AT&T or Verizon sighting the desire for an iPhone as one of the major reasons. It is thought that the Sprint version of the iPhone will be much the same as the Verizon iPhone 5 offering with some minor customizations.

Sprint really needs to do something to curb the number of lost subscribers. Beyond getting the iPhone, industry analysts tell just about anyone who will listen that Sprint needs to clean up their act and solidify their 4G strategy, as well as looking at the situation that they currently have with Clearwire. Still, getting the iPhone 5 could go a long way to helping stabilize things at Sprint by offering a device that many of their customers want.
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