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AMD APU plans for 2012 revealed

by on09 August 2011

28nm, 32nm, Bulldozer architecture
According to a roadmap leaked by, AMD plans to start transitioning to new mobile APU cores within months.

Llano was a few months behind schedule, so it’s no surprise it will be replaced by Trinity APUs after less than a year on the market. Unlike Llano, Trinity is based on AMD’s all-new Bulldozer architecture and it promises to deliver a lot more in terms of CPU muscle. In addition, Trinity will feature a new graphics core and the  Donanimhaber crew speculates it could have 720 or 800 stream processors, whereas high-end Llanos have 400. Trinity will come in a variety of SKUs, rated between 35W and 60W.

Trinity will take care of the performance market, while Weatherford quad-core and Richland dual-cores will take over the mainstream market from current Llano parts. All of them are 32nm parts and they will be produced by Globalfoundries. Weatherford and Richland are 35W parts.

Things will also heat up in the entry level and low power market. AMD will introduce two Krishna APUs in quad-core and dual-core flavors. Promising to deliver 20W consumption on Krishna parts, we might be looking the most efficient quad-core on the market. Krishna is a 8W dual-core part aimed at the entry level market, sub 12-inch notebooks and it will replace current C-series APUs. Wichita and Krishna APUs will be built in 28nm, probably by TSMC.

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