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Intel releases ultrabook BOM

by on09 August 2011

Believes it can keep prices under $1,000
Chipmaker Intel is touting ultrabooks as the next big thing and the company has reportedly released reference designs bill of materials (BOM) for two ultrabook form factors.

BOM costs for 21mm thin ultrabooks are apparently in the $475 to $650 range, but 18mm models should cost between $493 and $710. Bear in mind that these figures do not include assembly, marketing, design and development and a host of other costs.

Intel believes the cheapest ultrabooks should cost less than $1,000, but vendors don’t seem too impressed. They are apparently concerned that high production costs will eat into their margins. Besides, in a time of economic turmoil and uncertainty, the market for sleek $1,000+ notebooks could be limited.

In related news, Intel is expecting to include 22nm Ivy Bridge processors in ultrabook designs sometime next year.

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