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Asus Mars II graphics card listed in EU

by on08 August 2011

Four digit price tag
For the past few years Asus has played a major role in the uber-high-end market thanks to its ROG series products, including graphics cards named after defunct gods.

The Mars II dual GTX 580 card picks up where the original Mars GTX 295 left off a few years back. It is based on two GF110 cores, clocked at a whopping 772MHz. The reference GTX 590 runs at 607MHz, but it still manages to consume up to 365W of power. There are no power consumption figures for the Mars II, but we can safely assume they are rather high. The Mars II packs 3GB of memory clocked at 1002MHz, about 150MHz higher than reference. The beast supports 4-way SLI, but this is basically a useless feature since it is a triple-slot design.


There is also another issue. At €1260 to €1399, one can hardly describe the Mars II as a bargain. In fact, you can put together a pretty decent gaming rig for that sort of cash, without having Standard and Poor’s downgrade your credit rating.

Overclocked GTX 590 boards usually retail for about €600-€650, but they are a tad slower, so it would make a bit more sense just to get two “normal” cards instead.
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