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U.S. could grow if broadband better

by on22 February 2008


Seven per cent would add $134 billion to economy

A small
increase in the adoption of broadband in the U.S. could add $134 billion to the economy and create 2.4 million jobs.

According to a study released by Connected Nation, just a seven per cent increase in broadband use would also save $662 million in health-care costs and $6.4 billion in vehicle mileage.

Indications that state-wide programs to boost broadband use, such as those running in Kentucky, have demonstrated that a lot of economic growth rides on the back of broadband.

The Connected Nation study shows that the U.S. would gain $92 billion in new wages from the 2.4 million jobs created as a result of the growth.

Broadband used for health-care services has saved an average of more than $200 per person per year in Kentucky, and residents there drove more than 100 fewer hours per month because of transactions done online, according to the study.

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