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IT workers fat and don't get enough sex

by on15 July 2011

All do do with the hours they work

Male IT workers are more likely to be fat and not get enough sex, according to a new survey compiled by the Men's Health Network and Cephalon.

Those who work non-traditional hours including IT professionals working overnight shifts, report that these shifts can negatively impact their health.

More than 79 per cent of shift workers  believe that they are negatively impacted by their shift work and voiced daily concern over their energy level and weight.  A third felt that work was stuffing up  their sex lives.

The average shift worker does not get a meal with their family in two weeks or exercised in 24 days.

The survey results suggested an impact of shift work on people's work productivity, with one in three shift workers reporting having missed work altogether at least once in the past year because they were too tired.

More than half of IT shift workers reported feeling frustrated and drained in the last week, with many others reporting irritability (42%), anxiety (36%) and anger (32%).   Well a lack of sex does that.


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