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Woman files suit over Facebook heartbreak

by on11 July 2011

Broken heart apparently costs $8,368
A Michigan woman is suing her former Facebook partner for a broken heart and seeking $8,368.88 in damages.

Cheryl Gray, an unemployed 50-year-old paralegal, claims Wylie Iwan lured her into spending cash on gifts and a romantic trip, but in the end he humiliated her by posting vulgar comments on her wall.

Gray says she was devastated when Iwan told her he had met someone at a local bar and broke off the relationship. However, 35-year-old Iwan claims Gray started a Facebook hate group and called him an online predator.

"I want this lady to move on and leave me alone," said Iwan. "It's a completely frivolous lawsuit."

Although we’ve been taught that you can’t buy love, it turns out a broken heart costs exactly $8,368.88. Too bad Enron is out of business, they sure could have used Gray’s creative accounting skills.

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