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Firefox 6 beta for PC and Android

by on11 July 2011

Works quite well
It took years to go from Firefox 3 to Firefox 4, but it looks like we will see Firefox 6 just month after the fifth iteration of this very popular browser.

What use to be known to beta testers as Aurora and had quite different icon has turned into a Firefox 6 beta, and we can report that the current beta works quite well. Our Firefox simply tells us that we still use beta, but there is no sign what kind of beta we are currently using but so far, it works just fine.

Firefox 6 beta for Android also made an appearance and it should be starting faster and use less memory, scale larger images more quickly. There is an extended Firefox experience on large screen tablets as well as the fresh visual style on Gingerbread phones. Sharing tabs and bookmarks will now work on a tablet, phone, notebook and a PC works quite well, and this is a nice step forward to have all you need at all your devices.

It's free so it doesn’t cost a thing to give it a try, as long as you have free wifi or plenty of 3G / 4G data available on your plan.
Last modified on 11 July 2011
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