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Former Bizarre employees involved in new studios

by on11 July 2011

Several new ventures formed, but little is known yet
Once Bizarre Creations was finally closed after all these years, it took some time to get over the shock, but several Bizarre employees have teamed up to form several new studios. The latest news is that the lead designer from the Blur team has founded another new studio that is called Totem Games.

So far, beyond the fact that the studio is being run by Matt Cavanagh who was the lead designer of Blur, we don’t know too much about which direction he will be taking Totem Games. Our sources tell us to expect to hear some specifics in the weeks ahead.

In addition to Cavanagh’s Totem Games, former Bizarre alums Ben Ward (who was the Bizarre Community Manager) and Pete Wallace both are involved in new studio ventures, as well. Ben Ward formed Hog Rocket and Pete Wallace formed Lucid Games. We hear whispers of a fourth studio announcement that is said to be headed by another former major player at Bizarre that is still trying to get its ducks in a row for an announcement.

Right now we hear that Hog Rocker, which is focused on smaller projects, has sorted the game play out for its first release that will be released for the PC, Mac and iOS platforms once it makes its way out the door.

Things are a little more secretive at Lucid Games, as we don’t know what they are working on yet; but Wallace is committed to the Bizarre Creations spirit and improving on it going forward. Like Cavanagh’s new studio, we expect to hear more about the first projects for both studios soon.
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