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Google Maps 5.7 Android lets you download maps

by on07 July 2011

But only a 10-mile radius
If you have an Android phone, you better go and update the Google maps application to version 5.7. It won’t cost you a penny and it will bring you public transportation support, kind of.

Google has promised that public transportation support works in 400 cities, and we can confirm that it doesn’t include Vienna, the capital of Austria. Public transportation was a part of but Wienerlinien the company that takes care of transportation has forced Google to turn off the public transportation mapping support. Apparently the company is doing a great job at pushing Google out of its page views as they have their own website that attracts anyone that needs such services, and it can be found here.

More importantly, some smart chaps from Android Central have found out that you can download at least 10 miles radius on a selected Google maps. It’s not like you can download a whole country, unless you’re in San Marino or visiting the Pope in the Vatican. However, it might help you on your next trip over the border, which will definitely help people in Europe where borders are in some cases just a short drive or an ultra short flight away.

We would like to see the ability to download a bit more, at least a big capital city would be a good start. For now, you have public transportation in 400 cities but not in Vienna Austria, and 10 miles radius of map to download. Needless to say, this feature will be welcomed by frequent travellers as it will allow them to significantly cut roaming costs by allowing them to download a 10-mile map segment in any wireless hotspot within minutes, free of charge.
Last modified on 07 July 2011
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