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AMD to have a triple-core desktop Llano

by on07 July 2011

A6-3500 is the name

We managed to confirm that AMD will have a triple-core version of the A6 chip that is quite similar to the A6-3600 except for the fact that it has one core less.

The specs are pretty much identical to the A6-3600, a quad-core part with Turbo Core function. The A6-3500 has Radeon HD 6530D graphics with 320 stream processors and a 433MHz GPU clock. The CPU part of the APU has three cores ticking at 2.1GHz (2.4GHz with Turbo), 3MB of L2 Cache, support for 1866MHz DDR3 memory and a TDP of 65W.

Unfortunately, we don't have a specific release date but this one might show up together with the quad-core A6-3600 that is scheduled for "sometime in Q3".

Last modified on 07 July 2011
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