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Galaxy on Fire 2 THD has 4x details on Tegra 2

by on07 July 2011

Compared with non-THD Tegra 2 version
We had a chance to chat with the key marketing guy from Fish labs, the company behind the Galaxy on Fire 2 game, a pretty looking space shooter.

We have downloaded and played the game on LG Optimus 2x phone and Asus transformer 10.1 tablet and we can tell you that the experience and playability is much better on the tablet. We still need to try to mirror the LG Optimus 2X on the TV and see how that goes but we are too lazy to go and buy a micro HDMI cable.

Kai Hitzer, the marketing director of Fish labs has showed us and told us that the THD version of the game, optimised for Tegra 2 has four times the polygon count and four times more derails than the standard version. This is quite a difference and you can clearly see that Tegra 2 version looks much better than the vanilla one.

The best part is that the game can be downloaded for free and if you really like it the company will ask you for 15 USD which might be quite steep for a tablet / phone game. It’s free on market and if you have Tegra 2 chip in tablet or phone, you can definitely give it a try as it looks quite good and plays great on a bigger screen.
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