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4G Torch coming to AT&T in August?

by on07 July 2011


Bold 9900 said to also arrive in September
From the land of AT&T wireless we hear that BlackBerrys are again in bloom, starting this August with the release of what they are apparently calling the Torch 4G. We have to think that this is most likely the Torch 2 or 9810, if you will, and not the Torch 9860. As far as we can tell, neither one of these is going to have LTE support; and our sources insist that this is the case.

It is far more likely that the 4G that they are referring to is actually just marketing and the only support that it might include is HSPA+, which is higher speed and has been rolled out by AT&T as well as T-Mobile, but it will not be true LTE 4G.

In addition, sources claim that AT&T will also be getting the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 in late September, but depending on how testing goes this could end up being very early October. We have not heard of any rumors of 4G support for the Bold 9900, but HSPA+ may again be on the menu for this offering; but that is strictly speculation based on the what our AT&T friends in the shadows are saying about the Torch 2.

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