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HD DVD titles expected until May/June ?08

by on20 February 2008


Some titles will trickle out until early summer

Well, if you are an HD DVD owner, you might be able to get some really good deals on HD DVDs over the next couple of months as retailers clearance out their remaining HD DVD stock. As for new titles or catalog titles that have already been announced, we expect a variety of things to happen, depending on the title and how far the studio is along in the preparation process for release on HD DVD.

Warner Brothers has already announced that they have no plans at this time to change their initial plan to continue to release HD DVD titles through April.

As for Universal and Paramount/Dreamworks, they still have some titles that have already been announced, but as of yet they have not indicated what their plan is regarding those already announced titles. We have heard, however, that Paramount has stopped work on the second season of the original Star Trek series, which was being subsidized in large part for HD DVD release by Toshiba, or so the story goes.

Unless you plan on quickly purchasing a dual format Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player from LG, or you are getting your HD DVD titles at an incredible price we suggest that you buy wisely. Still, if you only paid $99 for your HD DVD player, and don’t really care about the future and just want a couple of HD DVD tiles to watch while you still enjoy your DVDs, then there are deals to be had.

Last modified on 20 February 2008
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